Sharing cake cutting guides with your clients is just a tap away!!


What Our App Users Say

"I mail/print cutting guides for all my cake orders, makes it so much easier to explain to my customers how they can cut the cake into servings they ordered. 
I use this app so much and I love it. Thanks"

Very helpful in my Cake business
Heather Richelle, IOS App user

"Thank you for this! I love that it gives step by step directions along with the image so people know exactly how they should cut the cake! For those wishing it had a text version, just take a screenshot of the instructions while they're up on your device and then text the image to your customer! Easy! I love this app!!"

Great tool to keep handy!!!
Aime D, Google Play App user

"This is such a handy little app. I like that you can choose between 3 different serving sizes. I love using this app to determine the number of servings and the price of my cakes."

Very handy tool to help you figure the number of servings.
RC&CC, Amazon app user

10 Cake Shapes

Choose any size from 10 cake shapes of Round, Square, Heart, Pillow, Petal, Oval, Paisley, Hexagon, Heart, Diamond and Sheet
Choose from 4 Portion sizes: 1"X1", 1"X2", 1.5"X2", 2"x2"

Cake Cutting Guides

Choose from 2 types of slicing methods. Concentric circle and Straight line.
With 412 cake slicing guides loaded, Cake slicer will suggest you a visual cake slicing guide for your search.

Save Favourites

Save most often used guides as a favourite and rename them for ease of recall.
All your favourites can be viewed from any screen by tapping the star list icon.

Email Clients

Sharing any guide is just a click away. Email a link to your client or yourself.
Just click the email icon when viewing your guides or Just tap to select multiple guides from your favourites and share them in one email.


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